Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Needing a sense of closure...

Though this blog has long been unused, I feel it's only to bring a sense of closure to this wonderful chapter in my life. I will be posting a link to a new blog that I am working on.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

A simple update on the future

Honestly, it's been too long and to sum up all that has been going on in my life, the universe and everything would send me in a whirlwind of confusion. I'll be brief on the projects which I'm hoping to post soon.

Here it goes...
1. I'm reworking an existing novel
2. Working on an online novel-like project
3. Some photography work
4. Portfolio (which was supposed to be up ages ago)
5. Graphic works for fun
6. Trying to get back into school
7. Diligently trying to find a job, any job at this point

But overall, the summer hasn't been too bad and 4rth of july was pretty fun. Just working on projects to no end and crossing my fingers in hopes that something comes out of it.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Time is ticking and still no job

It's been a while and this blog has collected a certain amount of dust but it's not 'cause I wanted to. This semester has been full of headaches and anxiety as I am finally nearing the days as an undergraduate. I should be excited and happy but instead I'm dreading it more than ever. Job searching can be such a pain in the butt.

I've looked in all kinds of odd places and applying but who is likely gonna hire a college grad with minimal work experience in the field that she's graduating in? And to top it off, my lease is ending in a month and no cheap apartment to be found with hardly any money in my pocket to even be renting, much less apply to a new apartment complex. I hate to be the pessimist and semi full of regret but I should have gotten serious sooner. To whoever may come across and read this bit, START EARLY! Study and define your career goals and be focused when you pursue them, whether in college or training school or whatever.

I was a little too all over the place: switched my major a couple of times and then didn't focus on any one aspect of my degree which I feel has been detrimental to finding anything right now.

I know that I'm still young and all that good jazz and that I may have found what I liked to do a little late compared to others but by no means am I going to give up my dreams of later becoming a full time designer and all the inner workings of the graphic, web field.

All I need now is just a chance -a chance at anything really and put my foot in the door somewhere. Just long enough to keep me steady so I can finally push towards I want to do.

And to those currently on the job hunt, I wish you the best!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Self-publishing Photography

Self publishing photos into books and posters interested me more so the end of 2008 because pretty much all of my presents turned out to be prints from my photography class (aka still broke college student with no hopes of getting better). Though the prices I have looked at are still more on the expensive end, I still found it interesting as a prospective gifts for the the new year, or for portfolio purposes once I get closer to graduation.
What's wonderful about this site is that it's straightforward and has a clean, user-friendly design that makes it easy to get started on your photography publishing endeavors. Products are limited to just books of different sizes, however. But because of this simplicity, it also helps the user focus on various aspects of the book such as tips on self promotion, inspiration and even includes a feature which will have your book hosted on their bookstore. However, to make your own books
, you have to download their free book-making product.

This site was given at recommendation from my photography professor and highly suggested it for print portfolio pieces as the quality was rather high and the price relatively small.

100 Books Publishing Company
Though the site is rath
er archaic compared to many sites of our day and age, I came across this article on a site named Luminous Landscape. The author actually details his step by step progress with this company as he publishes his portfolio in book form. It could be considered slightly outdated but then again, many small publishers still run in this way; it's not an option to leave out.
This is the all in all photo publishing for those who want everything and their mother on cups, posters, boxes, calendars, etc. Yes, you can get that at a photo store like Wolf/Ritz camera but that site itself relies highly on community and organizing your photos.

Set in a user-friendly and spunky design, Shutterfly distinguishes itself by having a wide range of digital photo books in which users can comment, rate, etc. Storing your photos and creating these web books (which you can also incorporate on your website/blog) are completely free. For those who may be overwhelmed by all the features and options on the site, there are demo videos.

Some of the featured photo books caught my attention such as this one:

Click here to view this photo book.

And this one which seemed clean and very professional to say the least:

Click here to view this photo book.

And last but not least:

Click here to view this photo book.

The potential for creativity for graphics + photos is endless and I really dig the embedding feature for the web books.

On another note, the year has definitely started kind of rough and it being my last semester an all, I predict lots of changes. One of my informal new years resolutions is keeping up with this blog and publish my new website and project which will be at the heart of my activities this last semester. Wishing everyone a wonderful

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Ending the semester mid December is never a good idea; Christmas shopping becomes a nightmare. Next time, I'll shop online two months in advance to reduce the stress and traffic that I have to deal for the holidays.

Wishing everyone a happy holiday!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Video and Interaction Software

So I stumbled on this yesterday and found it amazing. I've used video software before in the past and they always seem so clunky and requires certain know-hows to get exactly what you want. But this here is amazing, and if it does land on Adobe After Effects, I might be more than willing to try it out.

Interactive Video Object Manipulation from Dan Goldman on Vimeo.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

From the makeshift desk of a college student...

It's been a while since I picked up a book and actually read for more than five minutes but this book was too good to pass up for a future (hopefully) college grad like me.

The book, titled Becoming a Digital Designer, delves into the various careers related to designers. Web, animation, game, graphic, broadcast... all these fields pertaining to design are covered in the book. Despite the name of the book, however, it will not i give you a clear defining path to becoming a designer. On the contrary, it gives you advice taken from the countless of designers the authors, Steven Heller and David Womack, have interviewed. He also interviews recent college grads who landed their first jobs in the industry and though a lot of questions repeat itself, the answers are always vastly different.

It keeps you from thinking certain fields in an idealized forms by bringing real people giving answers from their experiences. I haven't finished reading all of the book but so far it has been great, and every time I pick up the book, I'm more engrossed in it than ever.

I'm actually kind of glad the book made its way to me when it did. I think the scariest feeling for an undergrad is the feeling that time is running out and you have nothing to show for it. Some of my friends have related colleges as terribly expensive daycares where students can go and have fun and not think about the world of tomorrow and despite my university being somewhat non-traditional, I can't help to think that there is some truth in that statement. I'm finally realizing if not a bit too late that I was supposed to do something besides going to class learning theory and making good grades. No one is there to tell you that.

But if you're as clueless as me as to what to do with your life (except that maybe you really enjoy design), I would recommend this book. Maybe this book will finally nudge you in the right direction as it has hopefully done for me.

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