Monday, October 13, 2008

Color Meaning Pt. 2

More color meanings this week. Long delayed, I know but I've been busy.

Blue could be described as a color of understanding and peace. It is also often associated with doctors and other healers. Though the color is often related to peace, calm, purity and life, it can also be easily thought as "cold" or cool color, technology, and symbolizing depression. Other qualities related to this color is loyalty, security, stability and sometimes purity.
Often known as the "universal color," blue works great for bedrooms and helps on goes to sleep. Darker blues may be known more as corporate colors (i.e. police uniforms) and can induce a sense of superiority when used. They are also consider much warmer than their lighter counterparts. Combining the lights and darks can convey trust and truthfulness or in design (such as fashion), they can create sophisticated looks.

George Gris

These 3D pieces capture a certain cold and depression to it.

Green is the color of fertility, nature and healing. It is said to stimulate tranquility and be associated with good luck. Youth, renewal, vigor and generority are also feelings related to this color. It, however, can be often associated with money and greed; misfortune, inexperience and immaturity.
Other facts related to this color is that studies have shown that the color improves reading and people tend to be calmer in green rooms. Brides in the 15th century preferred this color for their gowns as it represented fertility (which can also give this color sexual connotations, especially darker greens).

Tio Chair by Conscious Design

Purple represents royalty, nobility, and wealth. Because it is not often occur in nature, it is known as exotic and artificial color. This color may also be associated with wisdom, spirituality, mystery, enlightment. Negative meanings to this color are arrogance, cruelty, and mourning.


This photograph's color add a sense of mystery and maybe even enlightenment.

Brown is a very earthy tone and is easily associated to nature. Though many day to day consumers view brown as "dirty," certain shades of brown can signify sophistication and elegance, especially in furniture. Feelings of strength and reliability are common with this color as well as comfort, stability and endurance. It can also symbolize the home, simplicity and security.


This picture does well by capturing the elegance and earthy tones associated with the color brown. The vividness of the color and composition gives it a strong sense of completion.

Though not always considered colors, they still have their meanings...

White signifies purity and innocence. Children can often be represented using white. White adds space and can be used as highlights. It often does not stimulate feelings of action, rather, white can be associated with sterility and also create a sense of coldness, blandness.

Black symbolizes sexuality, style and fashion, sophistication, death, mourning, underground and it can also make a product look heavier. This color is very easy on the eyes in respect to websites and make other colors on the screen pop out more. It's also a very classic color.

Sabby Stardust

A great mix of black and white. Elegance, simplicity and sophistication.

Also for kicks, there's a site that tells you what personality you are by the color you choose. Check it out.

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