Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Photography newbie

I recently got a new camera for my photography class which pretty much cost me an arm and leg to buy (in college standards) but all in all I was pretty excited when it arrive in the mail (despite the FedEx guy being dumb and leaving the nice expensive camera box in front of my apt door).

It's nice but as of today I'm completely stumped as to what to take pictures of. My professor is having us come up with a project of 10 pictures taken throughout the semester about what theme we want. Only problem is, I'm a total beginner, having issues with how to work the camera right (it's so totally different from my Canon powershot!) and don't know where to start.

The proposal for said project is due today at noon. I know I should have probably thought it out more before today but I am clueless as what to do. I figured looking at other more knowledgeable photographers would help so here's some I found amazing.

Ted Szulaski

Walker Evans

Since Walker Evans did documentary (which is what I'm being taught and what I have to do for my project), he serves as more of an inspiration.

Jacob Riis work is also incredibly wonderful and some of his work can be found on this website. Just a warning: the website is slightly archaic but then again the emphasis is really on his work.

Another site that might have a lot familiar and wonderful photography is Famous Photos that Changed the World. I came across several photos that are absolutely stellar and as far as photography goes, it's worth a look.

Until next time!

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